As to be expected with Matthieu Paley as a father… Iluka is turning into a real mountain goat. Kharab bakri No. 2!

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Slowly becoming a street food expert, Iluka explores the culinary delights of Western China…

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Always ready for a new adventure, Indiana-i-luka braved new challenges in Sri Lanka…

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In February we spent some wonderful 3 days at the Honey Valley Guesthouse

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In Germany we have the “Waldschule”, the ‘forest school’. Here we have “Strandschule”, ‘beach school’…

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Let’s call today flashback sunday… with mixed feelings I am thinking back to our 3 days in Nainital, Uttarakhand

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You won’t believe what happened today…

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We will spend the next few days or weeks (?) in this little village called Naughar

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