Episode 2 – It’s a girl!

You won’t believe what happened today…


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  1. Arthur /

    Coooool cette video. LA vraie vie !

  2. REFLECTIONS – Month 1 | Paleyography /

    […] colors, depths and feelings the same view evoked in us on other days. We would have probably missed the birth of the baby goat and probably not spent an afternoon trekking up to the high pasture of Ekwa by ourselves, leaving […]

  3. Azreena /

    How is the baby goat doing now? Do you have a Name for it? What are the people doing with the livestocks? Sell for food or just milking?

    • design@paleyphoto.com /

      Azreena, The goat is doing great. Her name is Payil and she’s bouncing around like she has springs under her feet. Reba keeps the buffalo for milk, the ox for work in the field and the goats to eventually sell them. As vegetarian Hindu’s they don’t eat goat meat themselves and they really love and take care of the few animals they have.

  4. sandy /

    Love your blog, so Inspiring – keep sharing!!
    WILl i see you in Mumbai? xxx

    • design@paleyphoto.com /

      Hi Sandy,
      I’m still in the Himalayas, but checking out some places ‘for us’. Bout sure about Mumbai. Sri Lanka? I’ll keep you posted ?

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