Rough Riding

Driving in India (or self-driving as they like to call it) requires not only some road-savvy motor skills, but also a healthy belief in reincarnation (just in case). And while, for the most part, our days in the Paleymobile are defined by fun and feelings of freedom, there are some roads we will never forget – even though we would like to…

Enjoy those two short minutes with our expert driver Mutu Paley Singh and then be grateful that you weren’t there!


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  1. Pat /

    C’est malade! J’imagine que la conduite était stressante.
    (Wow that’s crazy! I imagine driving was stressful)

    • design@paleyphoto.com /

      Hi Pam,
      This was actually the first driving experience I had in the Paleymobile and it did freak me out a bit. Luckily, this was really only that one road and the rest was much nicer (except for some crazy potholed madnesses, but I don’t even think you can call those streets roads…)

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