Christmas 2015. What a very special 2 days… There was a quick and unanimous family decision that camping for Christmas would be great.

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Once in a while (at least I say this in my currently very tech-savvy-just-discovered-Premiere-Pro state) I will share with you a longer video,

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As it often happens while traveling, access to pharmacies and doctors is limited and so we tend to revert (with an open mind and hopeful spirit) to the local remedies on offer.

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You won’t believe what happened today…

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Just a 15-minute jeep ride from Kausani and then a 25-minute foot march we have found our little nest in the mountains.

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We will spend the next few days or weeks (?) in this little village called Naughar

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Being a fan of the early explorers since our Pakistan days, the stories and accounts of Sir Francis Younghusband, Peter Hopkirk’s The Great Game, Rudyard Kipling’s Kim and many others 

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