Driving in India (or self-driving as they like to call it) requires not only some road-savvy motor skills, but also a healthy belief in reincarnation (just in case).

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I feel like I’ve lost the moment. How much rather would I say: I’ve lost myself in the moment.

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In February we spent some wonderful 3 days at the Honey Valley Guesthouse

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If you’ve paid attention, you will ask: “But where is chapter 2?”

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Life on the beach. Good for a change from the mountains (we’ll be back for sure) and from the city (Delhi).

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In Germany we have the “Waldschule”, the ‘forest school’. Here we have “Strandschule”, ‘beach school’…

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Christmas 2015. What a very special 2 days… There was a quick and unanimous family decision that camping for Christmas would be great.

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Once in a while (at least I say this in my currently very tech-savvy-just-discovered-Premiere-Pro state) I will share with you a longer video,

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