Christmas Camping

Christmas 2015. What a very special 2 days… There was a quick and unanimous family decision that camping for Christmas would be great. We didn’t know exactly where, but detailed studies of google maps, the assumption that we would find a roadside chai shop where we could leave the bulk of our luggage behind and a leap of good faith, led us onto some small roads definitely off the beaten track. We had a fantasy of camping near a river bed on a green meadow and the Ram Ganga seemed to fit that fantasy. We did find that chai shop near a bride over the river and entrusted our big 25kg monster bag (containing school stuff, our laptops and much other useless things) to the unsuspecting shop keeper. “We are just going down the river. We’ll be back in 2 days.” A good hour’s walk down the rocky riverbed, over a rickety log bridge, up a few sandy screes and into a wooded area, we found our idyllic Christmas campsite… Have a look.


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