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The need for a Chinese visa seemed a perfect excuse to come back to Hong Kong. Home for almost 9 years of our lives (from 2002 – 2010), much history and memories are hidden in the narrow streets of Central and the sand of Shek O beach. We were lucky to find shelter in a great appartment on Old Peak Road (thanks Amani and Ken), which changed our perspective from the Shek O beach view we had back in the days. In a way, Hong Kong was the place where we ‘matured’. We arrived as backpackers and left years later, married, with a child, and as working professionals. It’s always nice to come back to a place you once called home…

Time spent in Hong Kong

10 days down memory lane

Kilometers travelled

airport > mid-levels > up and down central several times > Shek O/Big Wave Bay and back > Wan Chai bus stop… not that much. Hong Kong is small after all.

Favorite mode of transportation

Nico’s motorcycle

Favorite food

Sushi! Noodle soup! Thai! Dumplings! Everything!


Timo: There are no cows in the street.

Iluka: It’s so fancy!

Mareile: I had no idea I need to buy so much stuff!

Matthieu: It’s been 5 years that I left and 9 that I lived here and I still have no clue where anything is in Central.

Lessons learned

Always check the languages of your children’s birth certificates!

Lasting impressions

Shek O beach is still crowded on weekends and the food at the Thai is good as ever. We will always miss the Back Beach Bar…

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