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Pakistan, my pakistan!

Returning to Pakistan has been a wish and a dream that finally came true after 9 years! The highlight of our 10-month trip and perfect ending to an unforgettable journey, we entered Pakistan by road from China and via the visually stunning Khunjerab Pass. While planning this last leg of our journey (in Sri Lanka) it became clear to me that if I had only one last trip I could do in my life, this would be the one! میرا دل پاکستان سے تعلق رکھتا ہے

Time spent in Pakistan

Almost 3 months – 10.5 weeks, to be exact.

Kilometers travelled

Hard to say. From China to Gilgit, then up and down the KKH a few times. We trekked in Chitral and in Hunza, we drove along the Indus to Baltistan and did our rounds there. Flight out from Islamabad.

Favorite mode of transportation

While rented jeeps are definitely more comfortable than public cars, which are preferable to hitching rides on the back of trucks, in the end I prefer my own two feet to explore the mountains.

Favorite food

Of all the food on this trip, I have to say that Pakistan probably serves the most unhealthy food. Those things we love (French Fries, Pakoras, Samosas, Parathas and the like) are all extremely oily and even the fried eggs are swimming in oil.

Best food in Pakistan probably goes to some highlights of self-cooking: The BBQ at Sajid’s place, Camille’s Yoghurt cake, the Thai Coconut Curry when we camped in Kharomabod.

  1. We’ve gotten older! 
  2. People still remember us.
  3. Matthieu is famous in Gojal!
  4. It was one of the best decisions to come back. We still love Pakistan!
Lessons learned

Watch your stuff! (For some reasons we forgot and lost more things in Pakistan than in the 7 previous months combined). Inexplicable losses included Timo’s sleeping bag and Iluka’s school material, resulting in some unplanned school holidays. A few clothing items accidentally got flushed down the toilet while emptying the laundry bucket water…

Lasting impressions

Trek over Darkot Pass.

Painting Alam Jan’s wall.

Spending time with friends and seeing that there are others who want to spread the word on North Pakistan being a wonderful, peaceful and friendly place. Thank you David, Esra, Camille, the camping-truck Frenchies, Arthur, Emma, Julien…

Pakistan in one word

Soul cleansing

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