Exotic is just an illusion

This is just a little ‘eye opener’ for all of you who’ve been fantasising about the following picture: This super adventurous, cool family of four (ie. The Paleys) trekking through India with their backpacks and Teva sandals on, sampling exotic street food without even getting ill, sleeping in backpacker guesthouses without even being bothered by the cockroaches, taking dubious Indian public busses over hair-raising passes, chatting up dreadlocked Sadhus in the local language and bringing their children to experience the source of the Ganges at sunrise.

Bus in India

Soon… very soon, I have a feeling.

Well, this might still all come (without the Tevas and not sure about the sunrise), but for the moment life in New Delhi resembles – what am I saying… it IS what you see on this video: 2 little boys (you might recognize Timo and his friend is 6-year old Shaan) recklessly distributing obstacle-toys all over the marble floors of our friend Simone’s house. 2 older boys (Iluka and Diran who’s 10) looking up tunes on the internet. 3 even older boys watching THE motorcycle race of the year on a flatscreen TV with high-speed internet connection. And myself, well, as you can see I am still (yes, I admit) working on my laptop finishing my last graphic project, which is, fittingly for being in India, a photo book on Yoga.

I actually just took this video to share with you the tough conditions I am working under… but then again, it all resembles the traffic and noise and craziness of the New Delhi outside of our protected shelter.*

Two more days and we will all hit the road to go up North and find some “Om” and peace and quiet (and hopefully a good 3G connection) in the mountains of Uttarakhand.

*Simone (who is Italian) and Jennifer (who is French) have been living in India for over 15 years, so we do feel sheltered and protected by locals and also shamelessly abuse of their hospitality. Luckily for us we brought two suitable play-mates for their kids, which makes all 4 parents happy and so far the Italian-French-German friendship is going strong.


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