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Life on the beach. Good for a change from the mountains (we’ll be back for sure) and from the city (Delhi). We spent our ‘second holiday’ with the Carmignanis: Simone, Jennifer, Diran and Shaan. As our friends belong to the regular (hard) working population (check out their website DiranCreations) and their kids have school, we only had 6 days together. Of our 4 musketeers (Timo, Iluka, Diran, Shaan) we didn’t see much during this very chilled week at Agonda Beach, Goa. We saw their heads bobbing in the waves from morning till evening and only managed to drag them out under threat (“You will be so burned that you will have to spend the rest of your holiday in the shade!”) or with promises (“How about a banana shake?”).

When the kids are busy with each other, they suddenly don’t need the adults anymore and so I managed to sneak away a few times for Yoga classes, for a read on the beach, a lime soda by myself. Family time is great, but being-away-from-the-family-time is not to be underestimated. I need that. It makes me appreciate everyone more. Kids. Husband. Friends. Me.

What else? Oh, yes, we all took a boat out and saw dolphins, which for Iluka (who’s name means dolphin in Japanese) was a very special moment. Matthieu and I did a few acro-yoga moves, which we haven’t done since he hurt his knee (remember Matthieu gets shishooned?) and which impressed everyone and made us happy.

But probably the best thing that happened to us in Goa is that we were introduced to Simone’s friend Taruna who lives in North Goa and came down south to hang with the Carmignanis (and us in extension) for a while. When the time came (much too fast) for Simone and family to return home to Delhi and for us to make a decision of where to go next*, Taruna just said: “Why don’t you come up north Mapusa? You can stay with me, I love your kids, stay as long as you like and take your time to set up your car.”

And so we gladly followed her invitation, ready to let the next exciting chapter of our trip happen to us.

*which in particular meant: where to go next where we would A] eat more local food and less Pizza and Pasta, B] spend (much) less on accommodation and most importantly C] be able to fix and set up our brand new 2nd hand Maruti Eco Van and turn it into a true Paleymobile


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