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Timo: Mama, what are the smileys doing exactly?

Original Quote

Timo: There are no cows in Hong Kong. Why?

Kactus Blood

Timo: If you got too much sun on your nose, you have to put cactus blood!

I am Hanuman!

Hanuman is the Indian Monkey God (in case you did not know)…

Original Quote

Timo: “But mama, if the fish is dead, why does it have its eyes open?”

Michael Jackson

For reasons only clear to less-than-5-year-olds, all black cows in India are called Michael Jackson. Who’s bad?!


Self-portrait with Tikka and Pilates Cat (bottom right). December 5th 2015

Original Quote

Matthieu: “Timo, this mountain is called Trishul. Do you see all the snow on top?”
Timo: “Yes. There are penguins up there, aren’t they?”

Survival Pack

Contents of Timo’s backpack: 1 x box of oats / 2 x crocodile gloves / 2 x stinky socks / 2 decks of cards (that he loves, but cannot play with) / 1 x plastic helicopter from a Kindersurprise

The Optimist

“Look, Mama, I love this house. They even put a door for the cat!”

Original Quote

Iluka: “I am a gentleman and will help you all the time.” Timo: “I am a Batman!”

So Tenting

We bought a new tent and tried it in the garden. I love sleeping in a tent!